Business Backup

Offsite Cloud Backup

Your Data is the most valuable part of your Computer or Corporate network. A functional, ongoing and offsite business backup solution should be essential in your business.

Inadequate data asset protection through poorly managed and unreliable system backups leaves you and your company exposed to the potentially crippling event of data loss.

We Suggest three levels of backup to ensure you are fully protected from all means of data loss from events such as:

  • Accidental File Deletion
  • Power Surges
  • Fire or other natural disasters
  • Theft
  • Virus Activity
  • Physical Damage
  • Equipment Failure

Any one of these three backup methods is good, all three will enable you to remain utterly confident that your data is safe.

Volume Shadow Copy

Volume Shadow Copy is a form of backup that is wholly integrated within new Windows computer systems. It is the simplest and quickest form of backup and requires minimal interaction in order to configure and monitor. It essentially takes a ‘snapshot’ of what your files contain at a particular point in time and saves them to a list in which you can restore from. This runs on a ‘per file’ basis and the snapshot process is usually run daily.

Windows Server backup

Windows Server Backup is another Windows integrated backup system which involves backing up your data to any number of external hard drives, which are switched each day accordingly. This form of backup in most cases takes an entire image of your server in order to allow for a complete system restoration in the case of a disaster.

Offsite Backup

ACS offers automatic, encrypted, offsite but easily recoverable backup solutions through our “ACSBackup” software.

ACSBackup works over your existing internet connection to transfer your critical data to a secure server at ACS. This automated procedure can be set to run overnight so you or your staff do not have to manually switch out drives.

Starter Backup Plans

  • Simple, Self managed Offsite Backup solution
  • Credit Card only (Month in advance)
  • 3 Month contract
  • Optional professional monitoring and management

Business Backup Plans

  • Professional remote installation
  • Initial Backup snapshot to prevent large first backup
  • 6 Month contract

Please Note: Each account is licensed to serve one computer. Any additional computers (including network shares which you want to backup) will require additional licenses.

Your entire backed-up store of data is transferred onto a portable USB Hard Drive and shipped to your office. Suitable for restoring larger data volumes over 20 GBytes, and useful for archiving. Allow 2-3 days for delivery