Business Website Hosting

At ACS we use the widely used web hosting platform known as cPanel. It is renowned for its simplicity and elegance of design that allows you to easily configure and manage your websites, mail, and many more features. cPanel operates in a Linux environment, meaning that it is fast, reliable and secure.

ACS owns and operates multiple business website hosting servers here on the Central Coast. We have a dedicated fibre internet connection, as well as backup services in Gosford. This ensures your business website and email services are operating fast, and ensures the greatest possible uptime. Our servers are abundant in resources, ensuring optimum performance for your website and emails.

All business website hosting plans are inclusive of monthly advanced DNS hosting, which means no hidden prices or required services that you don’t know about in order to have your website live and fully functional. If you have any questions regarding any of the plans please don’t hesitate to contact us.